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Jim Santanella gives us a new ‘Gambler’ and an interview

Do you hear that? Do your ears deceive you?
Oh, yes that’s a new cover of “The Gambler” by Seattle musician Jim Santanella who was kind enough to send it our way and let us feature it in the playlist. I gotta tell you, in the few years I’ve done this, this might be the best [...]

Punk version of “The Gambler” coming soon

According to Seattle-based songwriter, Scott Andrew, musician Jim Santanella is working on a “punked-up version” of “The Gambler.”
This is already album art:

According to Santanella’s web site, it should be coming soon and will be available at all the major online mp3 stores including Amazon, iTunes, and eMusic.
I can’t wait to hear this. I have a [...]

Mike Doughty explains when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em

About a week ago, Mike Doughty played a Question Jar show at The Independent in San Francisco. I was hoping he’d play “The Gambler” and even brought my Flip in anticipation that he’d play it.
Unfortunately, over two shows, he didn’t play it. I was a little disappointed.
Luckily, though, early in the first set, he was [...]

Penny Arcade loves The Gambler

Apparently, the fellas over Penny Arcade are just as excited as I am that “The Gambler” is hitting Rock Band.

A new Gambler and a way to create your own

It’s been a while since I’ve done a few things here.
1) I haven’t written anything in a good long while. I apologize for this.
2) I haven’t posted a new Gambler.
Luckily, today, I’m remedying both.
I’m what you could call something of a video game player. I’m not necessarily good at them, but they make for great [...]

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